Top 4 Reasons not to book a tour with Experience Chattanooga:

  1. You’ll have way too much fun.

    Swinging bridges, fresh mountain air, waterfalls — it’s all overrated! You’d be better off staying inside, watching Netflix, ordering a pizza, and watching someone else’s adventure on TV!

2. The views are too good.

Tennessee is an incredible place and Experience Chattanooga tour guides know the best spots around…. You’ll probably fall in love with Chattanooga and want to move there — and we all know moving is no fun!!! Again, you’re better off staying home and sticking to what you know. The last thing you’d want is to be swept off your feet by incredible views that cause your desire for adventure to grow stronger!

3. Professional photography is included.

Y’all, this one is a no-brainer. Professional photographers usually charge hundreds of dollars for just a few photos. The fact that Experience Chattanooga takes pictures of your whole adventure, creates a personalized gallery for you, and then sends you that gallery for free?!?! That can only mean one thing — they must be crazy. Why would you book a tour with people who have clearly fallen off their rockers? You wouldn’t!

4. Discounted food & drinks at top Chattanooga local restaurants.

We can all agree on this one: paying full price at restaurants is the way to go. Nobody likes a discount on their meal — then it doesn’t taste as good! Experience Chattanooga gives you discounts at some of the best restaurants in Chattanooga — Italian eateries with Italian wine, a hamburger joint with glorious milkshakes, a coffee shop with mind-blowing french toast, a plant-based kitchen with healthy smoothies & juices & açaí bowls, and a dessert place with delicious homemade gelato. Why on earth would you want discounts on any of that great stuff?