Private Tours of Lula Lake + A Scenic Paddle Board Adventure

Photo by Mandy Rhoden.

Photo by Mandy Rhoden.

Have you heard the news?

We are now offering guided tours of Lula Lake Land Trust!

This incredible property, established in 1994, is home to many beautiful clear water creeks, world-class mountain views, and two gorgeous waterfalls — one of them over 100 feet tall!

If you’ve never heard of Lula Lake, it’s probably because they aren’t always open! The land trust is only open to the public on the first and last weekends of every month. Not only that, but they now utilize a permit system, which means if you don’t purchase a permit online first, you cannot visit Lula Lake. Oh and by the way, permits are limited and they often sell out!

What makes your Lula Lake tours so special?

Here’s what makes them special: they’re private! Yes, we have access to Lula Lake on days when it is closed to the general public. We may run into a few other nature lovers out there, as there are some photographers & donors who also have access, but more than likely on our tours, we will get to have this scenic paradise all to ourselves!

For us at Experience Chattanooga, this is a dream come true! We are beyond grateful to the amazing folks over at Lula Lake Land Trust ( for their generosity and their support of our mission to provide incredible outdoor experiences for Chattanooga visitors & locals alike. We’ll be giving back to Lula Lake by donating 10% of every Lula Lake Tour booked with us to the Lula Lake Land Trust, so that they can continue to preserve & protect the land we love!

And as with all of our tours, we’ll be providing the transportation, Chattanooga restaurant discounts, and a professional photo gallery of each adventure, all included in the price!

Book your Lula Lake Tour Here:

Chattanooga, Tennessee River Paddle Board Rentals

Any other news we should know about?

Yes! Thank you for asking!

We have also teamed up with Sunshine’s Adventures ( to offer y’all a guided hike & paddle boarding experience!

Imagine this: Begin your morning in the mountains, watching the sunrise at one of the best overlooks in Chattanooga. Then, head back down the mountain to the Tennessee River, where a professional paddle board instructor will lend you a rental so that you can enjoy gliding on the water, looking up at the mountains all around you, soaking up the sun, and cooling off in the refreshing waters beneath your board!

We thought about calling this Experience, Chattanooga in a Nutshell, because this is truly what the Scenic City is all about! Can you imagine a better start to your morning than watching the sunrise in the mountains & paddle boarding on the Tennessee River? We sure can’t!

The best part is that there is no paddle boarding experience necessary to enjoy this experience! Sunshine has got ya covered with plenty of pro tips to help you get on your feet. She’ll also be providing the life jackets & paddle boards for you, so all you have to bring is your swimsuit!

Book your Sunrise Hike & Paddle Experience Here:

Photo by Mandy Rhoden.

Photo by Mandy Rhoden.

Until next time, we’ll be out in the mountains, playing under waterfalls — pictured above is Lula Falls at Lula Lake — and doing our best to create new adventures for y’all!

Wishing everyone an adventurous summer!


~ Hope & Ryan